If we walk away now 
There's no turning around 
Gotta say what I mean 
While you're here with me 
I'm not sure I'll find words 
To cover the hurt 
That I see in your eyes 
But I gotta try 

I know rocks turn to sand 
And hearts can change hands 
And you're not to blame 
When the sky fills with the rain 
But if we stay or walk away 
There's one thing that's true 
I still love you 

Can you search down inside 

Let go of your pride? 
If I forget trying to win 
And just let you in 
I didn't travel this far 
To watch it all fall apart 
So give me your hand 
And take a chance 

Riding with me as close as before 

Whatever happens, I won't ask for more 
Here in my heart from now 'til the end 
Flame out or fly, we have to try again 

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